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Cigar Tasting

Elizabeth likes cigars. A salesman comes by from time to time with his collection. This time he invited her for dinner in a restaurant. He also brought his young assistant with him because he wants to take photos and a video of Elizabeth smoking his cigars.
Cigar Tasting adventure is based on a true story and published for the first time.

Elizabeth enjoys especially one cigar and they start taking pictures. She’s dressed in a tight and see through black dress, stockings and high heels.

Her titts are a bit visible, especially her hard nipples.

The dinner is great and the salesman suggests that they continue at the photographer’s place where the red sofa is. She agrees and they drive there and she changes her outfit for a more comfortable body, skirt and some jewelry.

They continue to take photos and also start videoing, especially closeups. The young assistant tells Elizabeth how much he liked it when she came by tasting cigars. He confesses that he is a big fan of her and always wanted to take pictures/videos with her. She smiles and moves the cigar slowly in and out of her mouth. “This you must like …” she says.

He asks if she could take her skirt off and just pose in stockings and Elizabeth smiles again.

She notices the younger guy’s huge erection. She looks at him and without any words takes off his trousers. Elizabeth says “let me taste your cigar“. She gets in the cat position on the sofa and starts to lick his big and hard cock first and then she sucks him intensely.

Then he fucks her mouth deep and the older guy records all with his video camera.

Want to see it uncensored?

It is getting really intense and the young assistant is now over Elizabeth, who is laying on the sofa. He fucks her mouth deep and he moves faster and faster till he cums in her mouth and on her face.
The older guy could hardly record it all – it was almost too much for him.

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