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Red Fishnet Casting

Imagine, you are in a casting crew. There are 9 models. Who would you choose in this Red Fishnet Casting? Who is your favorite?
There is only one requirement for the models. They all must wear a red fishnet top and high heels. Everything else is up to them, how to pose, what else to wear, what to say.
The video camera is recording, the photographer is taking pictures and the casting guys and you are all carefully looking at the models.
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Stella comes in. She has chosen red overknees boots and a very special string. Stella decides to kneel in the cat pose on the red chair.
Looks very sexy, doesn’t it`?

Then she’s sittting on the stool and making sure everybody can read “BITCH”.

The next model is Chocolate. She comes in and realizes that her pussy would be visible and therefore she covers it with her hand.

Next she poses also on the little stool and she fully exposes her breasts and smiles at the guys.

Aysha is the next model. She is wearing red boots and she poses standing. She has no problems to show her big boobs but she covers her pussy with one hand.

Tina is wearing the same red boots and she first also covers her pussy, …

but then she poses standing on the wall and showing her backside to the crew. Her pussy is a little visible.

Las Vegas Showgirl in Red Fishnet

Syn is wearing red plateau high heels and she is posing on the ligthing equipment case showing her booty and a little of her pussy.

Then she is turning around and shows proudly her shaven pussy.

The tallest model, Nika, has chosen to wear red high heels sandals. She has tries first to cover her breast and pussy, …

but then she’s showing her backside, lifting the fishnet top a bit to make her pussy a little visible.

Patricia is posing in front of the red sofa and she knows that everybody wants to see her big round booty.

So she turns around to expose it.

Francesca is also wearing red plateau high heels. She is pulling the fishnet top down to cover her pussy, …

but then she lifts her arms and the shaven pussy is clearly visible.

Elizabeth Carson in Red Fishnet

Elizabeth is the last model. wearing black and red high heels and is posing sideways kneeling onthe red sofa. She has the top pulled down like a dress and that’s why her right breast is visible without her knowing.

Then she lays on top of the red sofa and her breast are fully exposed. You can see her hard nipples. She lifts the fishnet top so you can also see her booty.

Then she lays on her back, sticks out her tongue and starts playing with her nipples.

Elizabeth leans back, lifts and spreads her legs as wide as possible. She looks at all the guys. She is turned on and has her tongue out again … and the crew keeps looking and looking …

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