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Casting Bunny

For the coming Easter party a private party club owner is in need for two sexy bunnies. He decided to have a casting to find the sexiest bunnies and invited some models and had also me as the photographer ready.
This adventure Casting Bunny is based on a true story.
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One model he picked already for the party, Francesca. The last one to be casted is Elizabeth and she is told to sit down on the white fur.

He immediately wants to see her booty, since he has heard she has one of the best.

The guy explains her that she must be sexy as hell for his private party and therefore he wants to see now her titts.

He really likes her big and hard nipples and the way she poses. Now is the question if she knows how to dance on high heels.

Elizabeth loves to dance and seduce …

The guy likes the way she moves her body and especially her sexy booty. He watches her quite a while and starts getting hard. He gets a bottle of Prosecco and Vodka and they all take a break. The event organizer knows that most models like “snow” and so he some ready for her. When he offers them to her she’s smiling, leans over the table and takes 4 big lines and after a shot of Vodka. She relaxes a while and then she gets up and starts dancing again.

They all have some more drinks. The guy wants only the best for his friends and that’s why he decides to book Elizabeth as the 2nd bunny so they could all have a lot of fun with her at the party.

Hardcore Bunny

Elizabeth is kneeling in front of him now and takes off his trousers. She is in a great mood and looks to the camera while she starts to suck him.

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Elizabeth does her best to give him a good blowjob but it seems it is not enough. He wants to cum on her titts and she loves it.

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