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What Should I Wear?

What should I wear?
I’m sure you have heard this question too. Women quite often don’t know what to put on when they e.g. are invited for a party or another event. Let’s look at seven examples.

1 – Elizabeth Carson – Private Party

Elizabeth got invited to a private party. Stockings and Highheels were dresscode, but the rest was up to the female guests. So, what will she decide on wearing? She tried several outfits and it took her almost half an hour to figure out what to wear to the party.

How about this skirt?
Looks quite sexy. I probably will wear the skirt and the vest.
Do you think I should wear boots instead of high heels?

Well, at the end she decided on black high heels, no skirt and topless under a fake fur vest. Would you go with her to the party?

It’s a private party. I will not wear a skirt. The animal print stockings holder looks like skirt and is damn sexy. That will be fine.
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2 – Dea Donatella – Shirt or Bra?

Dea Donatella was trying to find out whether she should wear the shirt …

… or just the bra. What do you think?

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3 – Sheila – Fishnet Body or See-Thru Dress?

She decided for the stringbody and it was the right decision. All men went crazy when they saw her at the party.

4 – Stella van Gent – Red Boots or Pink High Heels?

What would have been your advice for Stella?

5 – Saskia – Mini Dress or Hotpants?

What outfit would you have recommended to her for the party?

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6 – Aysha – Bunny or Fishnet?

7 – Black Cat – Gold Dress or Latex?

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