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Scooter Chick Francesca in transparent powermesh l.
Francesca’s shadow was too fascinated and forgot to move 😉

2012, when the title photo of Francesca Felucci wearing ultratight red l. was shot, it was avantgarde and it became quite fast trendy for women to wear tight l.. and other brands started to produce them in all possible colors and materials. A trendsetter model was also Stella van Gent. She did many l. shootings and I could also shoot some with her.

ultratight cologne – Stella van Gent © karl louis

The Leggings Festival

During the last weeks of 2020 you could enjoy a LEGGINGS FESTIVAL on and Additionally to the many already existing l. shootings I will present many new ones in form of photos and videos like the ones below.

Francesca is putting on new white shiny transparent l. for you.

Members can already enjoy many l. photos and videos as you can see in the overview of previews below.

You can also download l. videos here.

Nowadays you can see hundreds of accounts on Instagram with exactly the same l. photos and videos. It seems to be a never ending replication of the same content. Most of these accounts belong to one guy and he does not really care about copyrights. You could use the term “l. mafia”. Photos of models are being posted for the only purpose of guiding users to two shopping websites, where they sell cheap Chinese l..

It is quite similar for ebay, alibaba, amazon, wish, … where mostly Chinese shops sell their low quality l. by using stolen photos e.g. the one below. Do a Google Reverse Image Search and you won’t believe your eyes.

You can read more about this sad topic here.
Let’s hope this will get better soon.

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