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Lanzarote Photography

Lanzarote is ideal for photography and a must to visit for any photographer. Black volcano landscapes and white houses are best known but there are many more specialities you can discover in Lanzarote.


Below are the shootings listed which I made on this small but incredibly beautiful island.

Black sand beach and golden sunlight
Black and Gold
Los Clicos is amazing
Playa de la Canteria
Unbelievable reflections and water streams but only when you are there in time – Playa de la Canteria

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Playa de la Canteria

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There are not only black sand beaches as you can see here on Playa Mujeres
Perfect location next to Playa Famara
Next to Playa Famara

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Playa de la Canteria

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Playa de la Canteria

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Lanzarote has a lot to offer from e.g. funny names for villages to culinary specialities.

In the very north – Ye
Wine – Fish – Cake …
After the early morning shooting we deserved it.

How about some wave watching or special beach exploring?

One of the most fascinating beaches I have ever been – Playa de la Canteria
You gotta get up early to have the best light for this beach – Playa de la Canteria
Fascinating water streaming from multiple directions – Playa de la Canteria

There were not many campers. I really enjoyed having my Hymer on Canary Islands.

Hymer parked at Playa Famara and sort of well hidden at the same time.
You can take off your high heels and enjoy nature like here on Playa Famara

Lanzarote and Photography go very well together and your creativity will get a strong boost – for sure! I can highly recommend this island especially if you are interested in photography. Contact me for more information!

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