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Black Monster Shooting

Elizabeth is very experienced and worked with many male models. She likes especially black guys because they have usually a great body and are well built. She decides to wear the same outfit, jeans hotpants and a black leather jacket, to welcome the security guy she met dancing in the club last week. Elizabeth invited him for a shooting/casting with her and now he is here.
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This adventure “Black Monster Shooting” is based on a true story.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial

The assistant, the photographer and the black model are sitting and listening to Elizabeth explaining them this casting/shooting. She has to find out if the black guy can perform in front of cameras and she starts this special shooting by opening her leather jacket more and showing her sexy big boobs!

“Well, I have to get ready for the casting and of course have to put on a different outfit, a white string and high heels. I wanted to welcome you like this because I know how much you liked it last week in the club.”

After some minutes Elizabeth is back wearing just a white string and high heels. She wants first to pose next to him and touch his body. He puts his hand on her hip like he did at the club last week and she gets turned on again.

She touches his body and he grabs her ass and she can see the smile on his face.

Are we ready for the shooting?

“Ok. now I go down. I hope everybody is ready. Lights? Photographer? Can we start?” And she begins with taking down his trousers!

Elizabeth looks up to the guy while sucking his cock nicely.

Then she lays down on the little black stool and lifts her legs over his shoulders. He wants to see her face while he puts his cock in her, deep, really deep!

Then he is pressing her legs down while penetrating her really hard and intense and he keeps looking at her. Her expression gives him an extra kick. He wanted so badly to fuck her at the club already and now he can do it as long and hard as he wants – great!

Elizabeth did not expect this at all. He was incredibly powerful. She has to hold herself with all her power on the black leather stool. The assistant suggests a scene with her standing and getting fucked from behind.

What comes now, Elizabeth will never forget. The “Black Monster” fucks her so hard and long standing from behind. Her booty cheeks get really treated like never before and they wobble like crazy. She has to scream out loud in pain and lust many times and needs all her strength to keep standing.

Elizabeth Needs a Brake

Elizabeth needs to take a brake. It is simply too much for her!
She is totally exhausted. Elizabeth never got fucked so hard and the shooting has just begun. She tells the guys that she needs to go to the bathroom quickly to freshen up her makeup.

When she comes back after some minutes she feels better. She made her makeup a little but more important she had to urgently take some lines to survive this intense session here. Elizabeth asks for an ice cold vodka. The Black Monster grabs her under her knees and lifts her up. He is holding her and smiling. Elizabeth likes it, smiles too and looks at him hoping that the 2nd part of the shooting will be easier for her. She can feel again his power.

After some minutes they continue with the hard doggystyle standing, on the black leather stool and then kneeling on the floor and it was even harder the before the break. Elizabeth gave up and just lets it happen.      

Sometime she looks up with a desperate face but he shows absolutely no mercy.

The censored trailer below will give you an impression of this very intense session.

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