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Message Matters

Elizabeth got asked by the wife of a jeans boutique owner to model for them. They met at a club where Elizabeth goes dancing often and she wore a hot sexy jeans outfit, which made quite an impression on her but even more on all the men around.

Elizabeth agrees and she comes to the jeans boutique in the same outfit. She can’t be without top for the pictures and has to take off her leather jacket and put on a simple black top for the shooting.

The wife and the owner of the boutique are talking with Elizabeth and they want her to take off also the black stockings. She’s bending down to take them off and the photographer keeps shooting.

Her pussy lips and the sexy piercing are fully visible in addition to her super sexy booty. Well, the reaction of everyone in the studio is clear. They ask her to do some extra pics, even the owner’s wife wants it. One assistant is bringing a wifebeater with a printed message for her to put on. All guys have now a big smile on their faces. Elizabeth realizes when she looks in the mirror what is written … Oh, well, too late.

The assistant gives her another shirt with a much longer message in German. Her hard nipples are peeking out and her pussy is still visible because of the too tight hotpants. She looks again in the mirror and she tells the guys “You guys are crazy!”

“Elizabeth, please turn around so we can read the message on the back!”

“What is written on it?” Elizabeth asks and all guys start laughing.
“NIMM DIESEN GEILEN ARSCH!” one is reading loud.

It is a fact, MESSAGE MATTERS ;-).

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