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Black Stallion Red

Fashion model Elizabeth is at a shooting. An attractive lady is wanted for showing lingerie and also poses with a black male model. She is sitting next to a golden mirror waiting for detailed instructions.
This adventure “Black Stallion Red” is based on a true story.
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They tell her that she will work most of the time topless and even nude. Elizabeth has no problem with this and opens her kimono.

She has to pose in the beginning next to one of the golden mirrors, first front and then for much longer back. The crew is enjoying this as well as the black guy who is watching the shooting from a distance.  

The they tell her to do the same again but nude.

They notice of course her pussy piercing and her big pussy lips, therefore they want more and she has to show it to them.

The Black Stallion is getting ready for her

Then she has to change to red lingerie and pose while looking at the black guy, the Black Stallion from her first interracial shooting at the pool. He is laying naked on the bed and is watching her body, her booty, her legs and her face.

She can see he big cock getting hard and she knows what is coming. Yes, she has to suck his huge cock.

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Then she has sit on him and ride his BBC till she has an orgasm. They want this all on the photo and video camera.

Riding is sort of easy for her because she likes doing it. He could watch the excitement in her face and felt the contractions of her pussy. This turned him on so much that right after she had her orgasm he starts to fuck her doggystyle. He is a tall and muscular black stallion with a lot of power and he fucks her really hard and long from behind – much harder than some weeks ago at the pool – till she literally screams of pain and lust. He like to look at her booty while pounding her but her screaming is giving him a lot of excitement.

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The black stallion stops fucking her and takes the condom off because he wants to fuck her even harder and feel more. Now he is penetrating her even deeper with her legs over his shoulders and he can look at her face. She manages to touch his hips while he keeps pounding her.

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At the end Elizabeth is totally exhausted and watches how he cums on her stomach.

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