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Davos WEF

Elizabeth Carson is spending some days up in wintery and sunny Davos. During daytime she enjoys the warm sun on her balcony and in the evenings she goes out to cool bars and clubs. Mid/end of January top shots of the world’s economy and politics gather up in Davos to participate at the WEF, but not only as this adventure proves.
This adventure is based on a true story. The photos were made afterwards.

One afternoon she hears a knocking and when she goes to check she notices an envelope under the door. Elizabeth opens it and there are two things in it, a sheet of paper and a lot of money. She reads the instructions on the paper and got really excited also about the incredible amount of money.

She was yesterday out for Fondue at a famous speciality restaurant with friends and they fooled around about her new big titts and of course she had to show them right there in the restaurant. Elizabeth wonders where the guy was sitting but she can’t remember.

He is here

Short before 15:00 she opens her door a little and gets ready on the balcony laying on the sunbed as it is written on the paper.

Elizabeth hears him coming in and sees him sit down on the chair. He is older and looked familiar but she can’t recognize him with his sunglasses. He is also a bit too far away. She stands up and starts to oil her body exactly as he demanded in the letter.

Then she poses for him and keeps looking at him most of the time.

This all turns her on like crazy. The mysterious guy keeps looking at her. He does not move at all. He just sits there and looks at her. She can also see his bodyguard in the background. Then she turns around and shows them her backside.

Elizabeth lays down on the sunbed sideways and exposes her booty and pussy by lifting her leg. She can feel their eyes on her body. Elizabeth touches her legs, booty, plays with her pussy and moves her leg up and down.

Then she turns, moves her sunglasses down and looks in the room. They are gone.

She asks herself if he will come tonight at 23.00 as he wrote in his paper. Well, she would wait and be ready for him.

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The continuation of this hot adventure is below!

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