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Davos WEF Late Night

Elizabeth Carson is waiting in her hotelroom in Davos in the evening for a message from her WEF guy. Would he show up?
This adventure (Davos WEF Late Night) is based on a true story. The photos were made afterwards.

At 22:00 someone knocks at her door. She opens and there is again a letter but also a big bag. The bodyguard must have left it like last time.

Elizabeth quickly reads it and counts the money. It is even more than this afternoon. Crazy! She opens the bag and puts on the WEF guy’s favorite outfit, the beige suede boots as well as the transparent beige top and bottom, exactly as he requested. Elizabeth sits down on the bed and checks herself in the mirror.

She likes the outfit and remembers wearing it at a shooting for a shoe company. The WEF guy is a friend of the owner of the shoe company. He will come at 23:00 so she has some time left. She pours herself some more white wine, goe to the bathroom to freshen up her make-up and then relaxes on the sofa watching some TV.

Some minutes before 23:00 she opens the door and sits down on a chair. Would he come, would he be on time? she wonders.

She hears how the door is getting closed and soon after the bodyguard comes in and stands next to the window. The guy goes to the bathroom and then comes in wearing a white mask. She is suprised to hear him ask if she likes the outfit after he sat down opposite of her. He has a soft and deep voice. “This is the same outfit you wore for the shooting with my good friend. I really like it because it does not hide much. You look very sexy, Elizabeth.”

She is a bit irritated because his voice has something demanding. He also says that he likes her wearing these boots a lot.

She feels a bit uncomfortable because he keeps staring at her for quite a while without saying anything.

Then he snips with his fingers and the bodyguard comes with white wine glasses on a tray and serves them to Elizabeth and him.

“Lean back and close your eyes. I want to look at you.”

He tells her what he wants

“Now open your eyes, look at me and spread your legs” he says. She is like hypnotized and does exactly what he commands but covers her pussy with one hand.

“I want to see one titt and your pussy. Move your hand!” he orders and she does what he wants.

“I love your piercing and your big pussy lips. Show me both titts, masturbate and look at me!” he commands and she again des exactly what the wants.

Elizabeth gets it hard and long

“Let’s all have some more white wine!” The bodyguard fills her glass and then the guy’s and pours himself also one. “We know that you like something else a lot, Elizabeth” and he snips again with his fingers. The bodyguard goes to the bathroom and returns soon after holding a small mirror with plenty of lines on it. Elizabeth takes some and then has more wine. She feels the lines very fast and gets turned on like crazy.

“Now we both will fuck you!”

Elizabeth is totally flashed, speechless and helpless. The bodyguard’s cock is in her mouth and the masked WEF guy’s in her wet pussy and they keep pounding her in different positions and exchange.

She gets fucked so hard and long that she does not even notice when they leave. She’s leaning back in her chair and continues playing with herself till she has another orgasm.

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