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Latex Booty Obsession

Elizabeth had many latex shootings and was asked also to come to many castings, usually latex fashion boutiques or shops. All these shootings have one thing in common: Latex Booty Obsession. Let’s have a look at one example, a casting for latex fashion and overknees boots in a devastated industrial complex in Dortmund, Germany. Young Elizabeth is wearing a latex skirt, latex gloves, latex bra and latex overknees and posing behind a fence and in front of a door.
This adventure is based on a real story.
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The crew wants her backside and she should look back to the camera and move the skirt so her sexy booty is visible.

At the end of the shooting it is getting interesting. They ask her to do some more pics and videos for them inside. She asks “what kind of pics and videos?”.
“Just for us private. For our fun” they say.
She first hesitates but then agrees.

Hot Latex Booty Obsession

“Let’s do some photos first with our assistant!” He undresses quickly and stands next to Elizabeth.
“Touch him, Liz!” the owner says and the assistant holds her hard nipples with his fingers.

She can feel his big one and has him in her mouth deep very quickly.

He enjoys her blowjob. Then she has to change her latex outfit. They want her in a black latex dress. The next guy is ready.
“Touch him also and put your face on him! This will be a surprise for you, Elizabeth. Just wait a little.”

“Pull his underwear down!” Now Elizabeth understands the “surprise”. She can’t believe it. Elizabeth has hardly ever seen such a big cock and is now a little scared.

She has really troubles sucking this BIG one!

Want to see it uncensored?

“I need a break” she says sitting on the bed after this intense blowjob. She watches the third guy undressing and one guy takes this photos with his mobile.

“What do you think, Elizabeth? Touch him, massage him and suck him!”
“Oh god” she’s thinking, “another huge cock.”

She can hardly get him in her mouth.

Now she is surrounded by three guys which all got blowjobs from her and she’s wondering what’s coming next.
“Get in the cat pose and show us your booty, Elizabeth! Your blowjobs were not bad, but that’s not why we booked you. We want your booty. The three of us all are obsessed by your booty. We all will now fuck you doggystyle, long and hard, really long and hard – and record everything on video! Look to the camera, Liz!”

Elizabeth forgets the time. It seems like an eternity. Especially the last guy fucks her doggystyle forever and really hard.

The Latex Booty Obsession Content

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Overknees
Elizabeth Carson - Latex Bonus
Elizabeth Carson - Black Latex Doggy


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It is all over now and Elizabeth looks at the guys totally exhausted and says “you really must be obsessed with my latex booty.” One guy takes again a photo with his mobile.

Enjoy another hot latex adventure with Elizabeth below!

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