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Pink Bikini Show

Elizabeth has had several bikini shootings before, e.g. Wicked Weasel Black. Sometimes she lets members and fans watch shootings. For this very special Pink Bikini Show with members she is wearing first a pink Wicked Weasel bikini (very tiny and very sexy) and then another pink and glittery one.
This adventure “VIP Box – Pink Bikini Show” is based on a true story.
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Pink Bikini Posing

First she has to oil her body again and of course show her sexy booty to her members, who keep telling her what she has to do.

They want also to see how she masturbates from front and back.

Then she puts on the other pink bikini, changes her hair style and puts on another pair of sunglasses. They give her a glass of Curacao Blue.

And tell her to show her booty especially to one of the members, who is sitting next to the pool now.

Pink Action

“Elizabeth, you have to take care of him. Bend down and check if his cock is already hard!”

“It looks like he’s not really hard yet, so give him a nice long blowjob, Elizabeth!”


“And now we want him to fuck you hard and long doggystyle!

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What other bikini castings has Elizabeth done?
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