Multimedia News

16:9 or 9:16?

Horizontal or vertical – 16:9 or 9:16? What is your preferred video format? In my opinion the new vertical format 9:16 can be useful for teasers, fun videos or portrait. The viewing experience is limited and does not correspond with our natural vision. I get quite fast tired in 9:16 but there are literally billions […]


Francesca Felucci Bootylicious

I’m pretty sure you like booty. Is there anything more stimulating than a bootylicious woman and even better when she has a beautiful face like Francesca? Members can now enjoy a new video with bootylicious Francesca Felucci. Francesca was filmed in an abandoned building in Sicily and at a mystical location in Sardinia. She was […]

Members Club Updates


Life is too short not to have fun. Daily updates will bring you more fun than you can imagine. Aren’t we all e.g. looking forward to having some fun at the beach? Come and look at Francesca with her pink air mattress at the beach in Sardinia. Every day you get an update with high-res […]