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Shadowbanned on Instagram!

Shadowbanned on Instagram – What does that mean?
In April 2019 Instagram started demoting “sexually suggestive” posts. Who makes the decisions to restrict these accounts and based on what? Well, since Zuck does not communicate openly we have no official confirmation from Fakebook Inc. about their unfair behaviour. We only know that a lot of accounts are now restricted, get censored and many users have not yet realized what happened to them. You can read more about this on huffpost.

What is even more hypocritical is the fact that Instagram used a photo to feature their “Top posts” that was stolen from me and uploaded by another user.

My original photos are all gone from this page but the ones which were stolen from me remained. This hashtag was mainly used by me and there were quite some of my photos listed. Not anymore, but they have the nerve to keep using my work. After I reuploaded my photo (which got stolen before) today on May 1 …

… they changed the featured photo and you won’t believe it, but they replaced it and yes, again with one of my photos (which got stolen).

How can my content be inappropriate but then again still be ok for Instagram to use it?

Instagram used many of my photos and videos to feature their own pages. In their TOP hashtag pages they use my photos and videos which were stolen and uploaded by other users.

First example

“Ultratight Whip” leggings photo (uploaded by leggboy17) with 2001 likes. Cropped, no mention, no credits, no tags. Totally respectless! I filed a DMCA report on May 3, 2019.

Hard to believe to get the following first answer (see below) from Instagram after sending all necessary info in the DMCA notice. Really wondering what kind of staff is now working there …

I start to believe that the Instagram staff is playing games with me. I answered and sent them even the ORIGINAL photo and Paul emailed back:

The photo got finally removed after I filed another DMCA report. What the hell is wrong with Instagram?

Second example

“Shopping with Francesca” video. The one below is cropped and edited version with 18342 views. I filed a DMCA report on May 3, 2019.

Sad, but true. Reported this infringement twice already but it is still online. Instagram seems not to be able to follow the rules of law.

Fakebook Inc. used hundreds of thousands of accounts (like mine) to grow their Instagram platform just to dump them later without any notice or apology. They have also absolutely no problem to use copyright infringing content, even from “inappropriate” accounts like mine.

When they use it is appropriate and when I use it is inappropriate???

What a hypocritical and unethical way to do business.
Shame on you, Zuck!

With the newest announcements in mind I believe Zuck will “fakebookize” Instagram and make it a huge shopping trashbin.

Read more about Social Media here! Being shadowbanned on Instagram is not fun but also no catastrophy. Try Twitter, they seem to treat people fairer.

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