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20 Years Website Anniversary

23 years ago went online – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
It is time to celebrate this website anniversary! (Updated April 2023)

The Beginning of the Website

1998 I started producing content on a professional level. I started taking pictures for Elizabeth Carson. The one below is from the first shooting with her. During the next months members can enjoy photosets from the analogue era and many photos are published for the first time.

Not much later her website had up to 200’000 visitors per day. These are numbers we can only dream of today. One reason were also the unique photos taken at various locations like e.g. London

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It was a different time and working with film was a much bigger challenge than using a digital camera. The photographers spent more time thinking how to take the picture before they pressed the shutter.

Many of these photos have never been published and members can enjoy them now for the first time.

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The Expansion

I had the opportunity to work during the following years with many models.

2010 CURVES, my 400 pages book, was produced and thousands of copies were sold.

A lot changed in the past 20 years. The web went from being decentralized to totally centralized, giving all power to Google, Fakebook, Amazon & Co. meaning users handed over their control of content, data and money to these mighty ones. This made Gates, Zuckerberg, Brin, Page, Bezos, the richest people of our world. Most people still work for free for Zuck’s empire or get influenced by the horrible political propaganda and lies which Fakebook gets even paid for. Unbelievable!

The web must get re-decentralized – read more here.

Appreciation for photography went downhill quite fast. Many of my photographer friends gave up. Social media and technology improvements made it possible for everybody to take pictures and share other peoples pictures (most of the time without giving credits). Now I have also thousands of illegal usages of my photos and who profits from it? E.g. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon and many Chinese shopping websites. Can you imagine how I feel when I surf the web and see my photos in ads?

They use my photos to sell their products and I am unable to take legal actions at the time being which is very frustrating and makes me sad.

Well, will this change? Hopefully yes.

Stay cool, hope for another website anniversary and most of all keep your eyes open!

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