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Booty Shooting

Fashion model Elizabeth is booked by a textile company for a shooting to present their shiny textiles and it turned out to be a total Booty Shooting. She gets first wrapped to make it look like a sexy dress.

When they ask her to turn around so they could do a few photos from behind the owner of the company said:“Oh my god, you have an incredible sexy booty!”

They ask her if she would do some sexy photos just for them private and Elizabeth thinks “Oh again … they are horny and want to see more from me … hmm.”

They all notice her beautiful big breasts and hard nipples and they simply have to ask if she could show more. Elizabeth agrees and poses so they could see her titts again but she makes sure her pussy is covered.

She notices some crew members talking to each other. Two guys leave and come back a little later with a bottle of champagne, glasses and a little black mirror.

“Elizabeth, we know how much you like champagne, have a glass,” and they started talking more. One of the guys was assistant at a shooting with her before and he remembered that she really liked something special. “We have more for you, Elizabeth,” and he hands her the little black mirror with lines. Elizabeth smiles, leaned over the mirror, takes 4, leans back and has another big sip of champagne. “So I guess you all wanna see my booty, right?” she says after a while, stands up, turns around and looks back at all of them.

Super Sexy Booty

“You want it more like this, right?” and she starts to shake her booty.

When she turns around again she notices that two have their cocks out wanking. She says: “Oh, you’re ready for some hot action. Let’s start! I want the biggest one first, now!”

Show me, who has the biggest one?

What happens afterwards you can enjoy as a member only!

The lines made Elizabeth super horny and ready for steaming hot action with all of them!

Cumshot Final

One guy films with his smartphone how Elizabeth made them all really happy. See one short example below!

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