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Wicked Weasel Black

Elizabeth got booked for a special bikini shooting. Maybe you know the brand “Wicked Weasel” from Australia. They are known for their tiny and sexy bikinis. This photo and video shooting is sponsored by a member of Elizabeth, a guy who loves these kind of bikinis. He wants her to show him her sexy body and maybe more.
This adventure “Casting Bikini Black” is based on a true story.

Prosecco for the Bikini Shooting

The sponsor invites Elizabeth for Prosecco to explain her his special wishes.

Elizabeth listens carefully to him explaining his generous offer and agrees to give him the complete show.

The First Part of the Wicked Weasel Black Shooting

Yes, I love to look at your booty, Liz!
Can I grab your ass, Liz?
Who wants to lick my pussy?
Do you like me masturbating?
Do you want me to lick your big and hard cock now?

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The Second Part of the Wicked Weasel Shooting

They sit at the pool and enjoy more Prosecco.
“Elizabeth, you are soo hot. Let me touch your body now. Let’s start with your titts! I’d love to suck your hard nipples.”

“Next I want to lick your ass and pussy, Elizabeth. Do you like that?”

“And now I want you to lick my cock and then give me a long blowjob. I have not told you yet, but as you can see I am circumcised and need very strong stimulation. Can you give me a really intense blowjob?

Elizabeth has a tough job with his big cock. She has to suck him like crazy and even use her teeth in order to stimulate him enough.

Elizabeth is busy with his cock for almost half an hour and then she finally lets him cum in her mouth, as he requested so badly.

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Elizabeth Carson Wicked Weasel Black HD

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There are more bikini shootings with spectators. Elizabeth says yes to more hot action in a different bikini. She has to “test” a new male actor and is enjoying her “Curacao Blue” drink at the pool in a pink bikini before …

… she gets it hard and long!

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Enjoy below another hot adventure with sexy Elizabeth!

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