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First Shooting

Elizabeth Carson was enjoying some days up in Davos, Switzerland. She needed a short break from her fashion model work.
This First Shooting adventure is based on a true story.
All pictures were taken with an analogue camera.

One afternoon she walked by a construction site and the workers made the typical sounds when they see a sexy woman. She had the idea to do an erotic shooting right there the next day during the workers’ lunch break. The first challenge was to get there. She wore a red top and high heels only and the workers kept staring how she climbed down.

The workers stayed in the shady background and could not believe their eyes when she finally made it down all the way.

She knew she had all the attention, especially when she showed her backside to them. The red top was a good choice.

She posed for some more pictures and then changed into a green swimsuit. It was not like a fashion show but it made her feel good. She liked turning on men.

She rolled it down and turned around.

When she took the swimsuit completely off the workers came closer and Elizabeth could feel their excitement.

She presented her backside one more time for the photographer and the workers and she knew what they were doing …

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