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Housewife DBJ

Two friends want to find out something and ask Elizabeth for help. One of them is circumcised and the other one not. She should find out which cock is better. Will she do it?
This adventure – Housewife DBJ – is based on a true story.

They arrive at her house and she serves them Prosecco. After some smalltalk one guy has a surprise for Elizabeth. He opens a small mirror case and prepares some big fat lines for all of them. Elizabeth smiles and is the first one.

Don’t you wanna fuck me doggystyle?

The lines made her very horny and she tells them to show her their cocks.

I want them both hard, guys! she says and turns around showing her titts.

Elizabeth is touching her hard nipples. This is a clear indication that she’s really horny now.

Let’s have some fun! Touch my titts and nipples. Make them harder!

Now suck my nipples!

Now it’s cocks time! They want her to suck both at the same time!

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Elizabeth had to suck their cocks for a long time and at the end they both came in her mouth. She had to gag badly because of all the cum in her mouth and she ended up full of it on her face.

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Which one was better, cut or uncut?

Elizabeth says, there is no big difference. When you want a long fuck a cut cock might be better. An uncut cock is more sensitive and the feelings of the guy are therefore more intense and he might cum faster.

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