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Latex Triple

Young fashion model Elizabeth has a shooting in an old castle. The crew is very happy with her and at the end they ask her if she would do another shooting in latex. She is not aware of it yet but on her way to become the Swiss Latex Queen.
This adventure – Latex Triple – is based on a true story.

Elizabeth is finished posing in the red stringbody when she gets asked if she is willing to do a shooting in red latex. She does not know much about latex and she agrees to try it out.

Sexy Posing in Latex

They give her first a red latex catsuit and want her to pose between the wooden door showing her booty like before with the red stringbody.

Then she gets a red latex mini and should pose topless next to the wall just wearing high heels. Elizabeth is quite skinny then and feels a bit uncomfortable because of her little titts but it also turns her on and her nipples are getting hard.

She turns around and the want her to pose fully front with one leg up when she realises that her pussy is visible. This turns her on even more. She can see that also the crew is fascinated and all of them keep staring at her pussy piercing. The three guys are all young and quite good looking.

They want her to spread her legs even more. What should she do? She likes the situation of turning them on and she spreads her legs wide looking at the three guys through her sunglasses.

They want her to remain in this pose for a long time and take a lot of pictures from diffent angles and all of them come closer to her. She can see that they are getting hard and have this horny look in their eyes. One of the guys suggests to continue the shooting in the hotel room next to the castle. Elizabeth is a bit surprised but also excited and agrees.

First they have some glasses of Prosecco and then they help her putting on a red latex body and black latex overknees boots. She has her back to them when she puts on the outfit on the bed and poses for the first pics kneeling in the boots on the bed.

Hardcore Action Red Latex Triple

When she turns around she is shocked. One guy has his trousers and underpants down.

He takes her by the hands and tells her to suck his cock. Elizabeth can’t resist and she starts sucking him.

Then they want her to turn around and go in the cat position. She knows of course what they want and she hears the other guys saying it loud.

Elizabeth gets fucked so hard that she feels like in a dream.

“It is not over yet, Elizabeth! Put on this black latex dress and then sit on the bed. Now it’s time for the 2nd round!”

Oh my god, the 2nd guy’s cock is so big!

Elizabeth can hardly get him in her mouth to give him a blowjob. Then she gets first fucked laying on her back. He plays with her hard nipples and she starts masturbating while he then penetrates her deeply and intensely. After her orgasm he fucks her first with her legs over his shoulders and then sideways. After he moves her around to fuck her really hard from behind. The first guys tell him clearly what to do!

Elizabeth gets it hard from the guy with the huge cock!

The 3rd guy has no time for a blowjob. He grabs her booty and fucks her right away doggystyle like a maniac!

Elizabeth is sort of destroyed after this triple latex session.

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Latex Triple

Enjoy another hot latex adventure with Elizabeth below!

Latex Booty Obsession - Elizabeth Carson

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