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Casting Pink

Elizabeth needs new actors for her erotic movies. She invited several guys for a casting. She is wearing high heels, pink overknees and a white string.
This adventure “Casting Pink” is based on a true story.
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The first guy is ready and Elizabeth comes in and dances in front of him.

She is much taller but he wants so badly to be in a scene with her that he whispers something really nasty in her ears.

This makes her horny and her nipples get hard. She starts opening his pants.

Then she sits backwards on him and starts masturbating while he is enjoying the view of her glorious booty. She is now really horny and has a first intense orgasm – like a wild cat.

She then goes down and starts licking his cock.

Elizabeth pulls his pants all the way down and sucks his cock intensely.

“I just love you sexy booty, Elizabeth and I want to fuck you so badly from behing” he says and that’s exactly what happens next.

Elizabeth is surprised. She did not expect him to fuck her so hard and long from behind and she’s happy and enjoys his hands on her booty and his intense pounding. She wants it hard and tells him to FUCK ME!

“You can cum on my booty!” she tells him and that’s a privilege.

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